Active 2 way mono system

K6m is a system designed for musicians, singers, DJs and speakers, who requires a high sound quality as well as
equipment easy to mount and transport.
The system offers incomparable performances both in closed and open spaces. It is recommended for users requiring
an intense sound uniformity and strong power in middle sized and large environments.
The system, led by a powerful DSP, is placed in a “SUB” speaker, which is protected by scratch-resistant paint,
containing two classes “D”, 1000 watts amplifiers.
The first amplifier drives the 18” woofer, which is placed in the “SUB” speaker; the second amplifier, whose output
power is electronically limited to 600 watts , manages the “TOP” mid-range and high frequencies speaker.

Scratch-resistant varnish
Class D Amplifier high efficiency with DSP
Amplifier Power: 1000W
Multi layered birch (SUB) and Alluminium (TOP)
System Bass reflex Bass reflex
Components 12x3,5 full range transducers 18" with neodimium magnet
Sensibility (dB SPL 1W@1m) 101 dB 97 dB
Max Output 129 dB 129 dB
Frequency response (-3dB) 150-16000 Hz 38-150 Hz
Casing Alluminium Multi layered birch
Refinishing Black scratch-resistant Black scratch-resistant
Size 122 x 11 x 12 cm 59 x 51 x 79 cm
Weight 8.5 Kg 45 Kg
Amplification Class D Amplifier high efficiency with DSP Class D Amplifier high efficiency with DSP
Connections Speakon XLR
Amp power 1000W (1KHz, 1% THD) limited to 750 W 1500W (1KHz, 1% THD)
Limiter Yes Yes
Protection Thermal and short-circuit Thermal and short-circuit
Cooling Temperature controlled fan Temperature controlled fan
Package content:
Protection Cover for K6nd SUB
Travelling case for K6nd TOP
Connection stand
Cables for connetction and power



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Technical drawing


Drawing with measures