Active 2 way mono system

K1m is a mono amplifying system, which is small sized and easy to carry system.
It is designed to meet the needs of musicians, singers, DJs and conference room speakers. It offers a high sound quality both in
closed and open spaces.
This is due to the detailed configuration of the “top” of the loudspeakers, which are placed in an array configuration. Guaranteeing
a uniform and powerful sound diffusion when used in small or average-size locations.
The system consists of a bass-reflex “SUB” speaker, equipped with a 12” woofer, two class “D” amplifiers with a total power of
2000 watts, controlled by a powerful DSP and a “TOP” speaker, containing eight 3.5” full-range transducers equipped with neodymium magnets.

Scratch-resistant varnish
Class D Amplifier
Amplifier Power: 1000W
Multi layered birch (SUB) and Alluminium (TOP)
System Bass reflex Bass reflex
Components 8x3,5" fullrange with neodymium magnet 12" with neodymium magnet
Sensibility (dB SPL 1W@1m) 99 dB 92 dB
Max Output 122 dB 122dB
Frequency response (-3dB) 150-16000 Hz 45-150 Hz
Casing Multi layered birch Multi layered birch
Refinishing Black scratch-resistant Black scratch-resistant
Size 91 x 11 x 10 cm 44 x 34 x 48 cm
Weight 6.5 kg 27.8 kg
Amplification Class D Amplifier high efficiency with DSP Class D Amplifier high efficiency with DSP
Connections Speakon XLR
Amp power 1000W (1KHz, 1% THD) limited to 500 W 1000W (1KHz, 1% THD)
Limiter Yes Yes
Protection Thermal and short-circuit Thermal and short-circuit
Cooling Temperature controlled fan Temperature controlled fan
Package content:
Protection Cover for K1m SUB
Connection stand
Travelling case for K1m TOP
Cables for connetction and power



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Technical drawing


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