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Galileo Series

The column shaped loudspeaker system GALILEO is the result of theoretical studies of the diffusion of sound, and it is expressly designed for voice reproduction: the vocal message is delivered with high fidelity and extreme clarity so as to achieve maximum intelligibility in any kind of premises. The Galileo speaker systems have been designed to take up the minimum space for optimum result. Little more than six centimetres in width, they can be installed in the total respect for the style of the premises in which they are mounted, blending in even with the most traditional surroundings. The design is well suited both to discerning listening (like the one in churches and basilicas) and sports, concert, conference halls monitoring. Available in five versions with 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 loudspeakers (the 5005T, 5010T, 5015T, 5020T and 5030T respectively) offers a wide range of hi-tech products to suit any different kind of installation. The cabinet is available in pearl white and in standard RAL unit on request.


Giotto Series

The GIOTTO 94 column shaped loudspeakers are the right choice for any kind of premises in which it is necessary to reproduce effectively not only the voice but also the music. The series consists of 3,5” loudspeakers that have maximized emission surface and ceramic magnetic circuit, designed to reproduce with remarkable fidelity also medium-low frequencies even if operating in a very reduced space. Thanks to this characteristic, and to their considerable power handling, the column-shaped GIOTTO 94 speaker systems are considered to be a class A system for the high quality reproduction of both vocal and instrumental sound . The voice is delivered with unbelievable life and depth and also the sound of music is much wider, deeper and more defined than any other column shaped speaker system can achieve. If a bass reinforcement is required, the GIOTTO 94 series can be complemented with one of our subwoofers. Giotto speaker systems are available in three versions, with 12 loudspeakers (9412T) , with 6 loudspeakers (9406T) or with a single loudspeaker (9401 and 9401T). The cabinet is available in pearl white and in standard RAL unit on request.


Michelangelo Series

The column shaped speaker systems MICHELANGELO represent a fundamental step forward in the reproduction of human voice. Thanks to the use of special loudspeakers, designed with the most advanced technology and intended to be inserted in an already patented audio system, Michelangelo is also renowned to be unique for performance and dimension.. Its efficiency, the angular dispersion added to its very low tendency to feedback make these speakers capable of unbelievable results also in premises where the riverberation makes it difficult to achieve a smooth and more clear sound. MICHELANGELO column shaped speakers open a new frontier in the world of voice projection, the clarity of sound is almost unique, the response is accurate, they deliver the voice with astonishing fidelity and high definition. Five versions are available with 28, 14, 9, 4 loudspeakers or with only one speaker (respectively 5528T, 5514T, 5509T, 5504T and 5501T). The cabinet is available in pearl white and in standard RAL unit on request.


Raffaello Series

RAFFAELLO, for its remarkably good value, represent a line of entry into the universe of column-shaped loudspeakers. The engineering design, pushed to the highest level, for the meticulous attention to detail, made it possible to achieve the creation of a product range of extremely good quality at a very accessible price. The line array of the 3”1/4 loudspeakers makes Raffaello capable of superb acoustic results: the “effect of presence” among the others. The frequency response extends to the bass end of the audio range, making Raffaello suitable not only for voice projection, but also for the diffusion of music. A versatile range has been finally designed to suit a variety of sound needs as it is available in three models with 5,10 or 15 loudspeakers (respectively the 8005T, 8010T and 8015T). The cabinet is available in pearl white and in standard RAL unit on request.